The Benefits of Paint Protection Film

The primary function of a Paint Protection Film (PPF) is to protect the underlying paint, preserving its aesthetics and durability. It is resistant to impact, corrosion, and flying debris. Most PPF types are self-healing, as they contain elastomeric polymers. Other types, however, require heat to return to their original state. Here are some of the benefits of PPF. If you’re interested in PPF for your car, please read on.

Tesla Paint Protection Film Stratford

What Is Paint Protection Film?

The application process of paint protection film involves a fitting solution and an activator. The activator creates a glue-like substance that makes the film adhere to the car’s surface. The solution may be as simple as water, or it may be a soapy solution. Once the film is installed, the next step is curing. The film should be left inside for a minimum of 12 hours at a controlled temperature to achieve optimal results.

The film is best used to protect the surface of a car’s paint from scratches, dirt, and other elements. It can also minimize the effects of salty air and road grime. Although there are no guarantees, most users of this type of film report that their car paint is untouched by chips or scratches. As an added benefit, the film can even shield a car from environmental pollution and organic acid damage. Unlike a protective layer, paint protection film provides an added level of protection for the paint and will minimize the appearance of damage.

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PPF Protects Your Vehicle’s Appearance and Value

There are a few ways to properly prepare your vehicle for Paint Protection Film. At Royal Customs, we’re professionally trained and very well educated on all of the latest best-practices in PPF installation. To make sure your new film adheres properly to your vehicle’s paint, you must thoroughly clean and decontaminate the car. Cleanliness is important because paint protection film is transparent, so the condition underneath will affect the brilliance of the finished product. Performing a decontamination wash is the first step to prep your vehicle for PPF. Use a wax-stripping car shampoo to strip off any existing wax or sealant. The shampoo will act as a detergent and break down the factory paint sealant. We never cut corners on processes like this because we understand the significance of of every step involved in a proper paint protection film installation. 

Compared to traditional paint protection, PPF has higher resistance to abrasion and impact. It shields your vehicle from rock chips and minor wear and tear. It also protects your car’s finish from acid rain, rock chips, and bugs. It also gives your car a glossy finish and is invisible. It can be applied on the entire vehicle or just vulnerable areas. Professional installation is recommended for best results. At Royal Customs in Stratford, we offer several standard PPF packages you can see here


Paint protection film is an excellent way to preserve the original paint of your car. A dull or faded paint can significantly reduce the resale value of a car, as buyers typically associate a poor appearance with a shoddy mechanical condition. Paint protection film will help keep your original paint in showroom condition for years, meaning a higher resale value for your car. Also, it prevents damage to the paint from elements and hard chemicals, preserving its value. Royal Customs located at 266 Huron Street in Stratford is an excellent choice to trust for any of your PPF needs and inquires. Contact us anytime to find out more or book an appointment.