Where to Get Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Stratford and What Is It?

 If you’re looking for Paint Protection Film in Stratford, Royal Customs offers several PPF packages you can choose from. Paint Protection Film (PPF) also sometimes referred to as a “clear bra” is an advanced protective film applied to some or all painted areas of a vehicle to help protect its finish from minor damage like stone chips. Royal Customs offers PPF installation service in Stratford. We utilize an advanced, self-healing PPF film from PremiumShield that offers more features and benefits than many other lower quality PPF films that other shops use. Our virtually invisible urethane PPF layer has a high gloss finish that often IMPROVES the appearance of original paint once it’s applied. Not only does our Clear Paint Protection film offer rugged protection against surface damage to your vehicle’s paint such as chips, scuffs and scratches – but when minor damage shows on the surface of the Paint Protection Film itself, you’ll be amazed to see how Self Healing Technology literally fixes itself! Scratches and scuffs on your PPF will easily disappear as they’re naturally heated by the sun. Paint Protection Film or Clear Bra is often applied to a brand new vehicle to maintain it’s perfect finish from the factory, but older vehicles are also candidates for PPF installation!

We have extensive training, knowledge and experience installing PPF to even the most modern vehicles such as Tesla. Extreme care is taken to ensure your Paint Protection Film is installed on your car, truck or SUV in the most professional manner.

You can get paint protection film installed at Royal Customs in Stratford, Ontario and prices range from $574.99 to $5995.99


Frequently Asked Questions About PPF

What is "Self-Healing" PPF Film and Does it Really Work?

Royal Customs in Stratford offers an advanced Paint Protection Film which is made of an elastomeric polurethane. This incredible material actually does have the ability to make light scratches and swirls marks dissapear with a light application of heat on the fim’s surface. This can often be acheived simply from the natural heat of the sun’s rays on your vehicle from day to day.

Does Your PPF Come With A Warranty?

Yes, Royal Customs’ PremiumShield PPF has an industry leading LIFETIME Warranty. You’ll find that most other shops offering a clear bra or paint protection film only provide a 5-10 year warranty.

Is PPF Visible After It's Installed On A Vehicle?

Royal Customs intalls PPF that has incredible optical clarity making it practically invisible to the naked eye. The high gloss finish of the Paint Protection Film we use can actually add luster to your vehicle and bring out and enhance the existing beauty of vehicle’s paint.

How Much Does A Clear Bra Cost?

Standard PPF coverage includes forward facng portion of side mirrors, front bumper and headlights. Standard Coverage Clear Bra installation starts at $1299.99

Does PPF Protect Against Stone Chips?

Yes. Paint Protection Film also known as a Clear Bra is an excellent way to protect your vehicle’s hood, headlights and front bumper from stone chips. Standard Coverage is the most economical way to protect your paint from stone chips but will leave your vehicles hood exposed to potential damage. We suggest at least Full Front End Paint Protection to guard against stone chips.

Will Chemicals or Harsh Contaminants Like Bug Acids or Bird Droppings Discolour PPF?

No, the Paint Protection Film we apply as a clear bra will maintain clarity even under the harshest conditions. No need to worry about spots, specs, splotches or discolourations!

Does PPF Require Any Maintenance or Special Care I should Know About?

PPF Clear Bra does not require any special care or maintanence. However for best results, we recommend applying a ceramic coating or other spray sealant twice per year.

Prices For Paint Protection Film (PPF/CLEAR BRA) Installation In Stratford