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Choose Royal Customs for Tint in Stratford:

There are a lot of reasons to tint your vehicle and just as many reasons to choose Royal Customs to do it.  Aside from making your car look better, having your vehicle tinted has some serious benefits, especially for EV owners. You’ll stay a lot cooler in the summer and actually save a bit on gas when your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard. Not to mention the added feeling of privacy tint will allow to enjoy while driving!

As you likely know, not all tint is created equal, and neither are all installers. Royal Customs is Stratford’s only tint shop to offer a “no-fault” warranty on every tint installation. This means that even if you damage your tinted window through regular usage, such as accidental jewelry nicks, an excited dog as a passenger, or a run away seat belt buckle scratching your new tint, we’ll replace it. Call now for full details.

Royal Customs Stratford is a certified installer of Autobahn car tint films. We have three different window tints to choose from. Benefits of choosing a name-brand, high quality tint film for your vehicle:

  • High Heat rejection performance
  • Color aesthetics
  • 99% UV rejection


We use digital plotting software to cut our tint to the perfect size and shape of every window – every time. Most shops simply cut the tint to the best of their ability, by hand, hoping to achieve complete coverage. When you get your vehicle tinted at Royal Customs in Stratford, you know you’ll have a great match every time.


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How Much Do You Charge To Tint A Vehicle?

 Royal Customs installs Autobahn tint films in three variations; so you can choose the type of vehicle tint that will make you most happy. If you’re wondering which type of window tint you should get for your car, truck or SUV, you can learn more about each type below. If you’d prefer, you can also come by 266 Huron Street in Stratford for an in person vehicle tint demonstration.

We can show you in real time some of the features and benefits of each one of the tint selections we offer. For example, we can physically show you how much heat and UV Light protection each offers, using special demonstration equipment. Another reason to consider Royal Customs for window tint in Stratford is the included lifetime warranty on all of our installations. This means if your vehicle’s tint ever peels, fades, or bubbles we will replace it completely free. We can tint just your two front windows to match the back windows and rear glass; or tint all of the windows on your vehicle. We can also apply a sun strip to your windshield starting at just $49.99. Check out our tint prices below and please don’t hesitate to call for an appointment or more information on vehicle tint in Stratford today.

Autobahn Black:

Autobahn Black Ceramic:

Autobahn Ceramic i3:

Other Options We Offer For Vehicle Tint

If you’re thinking about having your vehicle tinted, why not explore our auto detail packages for a complete transformation! We’ll give you 10% off your bill when you book a tint and auto detail together