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Vinyl Wrap gives us an amazing opportunity to transform our vehicle while simultaneously preserving the paint underneath. A sheet of vinyl is “wrapped” and stretched around the vehicle. A gentle high grade adhesive integrated into the underside of the vinyl allows it to stick to the clear coat of the factory paint, generally without any damage upon removal. Wrapping a vehicle allows us to change the colour of our car without the use of paint, therefore preserving the original factory colour. That means we have the option to go back to stock whenever we choose. Vinyl is much more forgiving to light scratches and nicks, therefore stays in pristine condition much longer than paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Wrap Last?

Generally, wrap last for 3-5 years but it depends how you treat and care for your car.

Can You Wash A Vinyl Wrapped Car?

Yes. You’ll want to wash it by hand and stay away from automatic car washes. The high water pressure and abrasion can cause the wrap to lift or worse, become damaged.

Can You Wrap Over Top of Rust?

Wrapping over rust is a bad idea and not something we’ll do. The vinyl will not adhere to the rust and will inevitably lift up and peel off. Plus, it just won’t look right.

Prices For Vehicle Wrap In Stratford