Your vehicle is more than just “transportation” – it’s a mobile living area. The feeling a professional car detailing gives you is kind of hard to describe. It’s like a little weight off of your shoulders and a breath of fresh air each time you open your car door, sit down and admire the clean and orderly environment. You deserve to experience this feeling whether you drive almost exclusively by yourself and have the habit of tidying up those take out coffee cups, food wrappers and the 15 receipts you didn’t actually need but took anyway – or you have a family vehicle and your kids seem to be determined to destroy it! If you do have the habit of keeping your interior pretty clean, you’ll be astounded at how much cleaner and close to brand new your car looks after a professional car detail. Don’t worry, even if you think there’s no saving your vehicle, professional car detail shops like Royal Customs in Stratford have the knowledge and experience to tackle the toughest of jobs and provide the best possible result for your vehicle. If you’re looking for car detailing in Stratford, Continue reading to find out a few reasons why car detailing might be more valuable than you may have realized.


Stratford Auto Detailing

Benefits of Car Detailing by Royal Customs Stratford:


Car Detailing Maintains Value

Professional Car Detailing is an often overlooked way to maintain the value of your vehicle. Having a clean interior allows for an easy resale of a vehicle and makes it even easier for your vehicle to stand out from similar makes and models that have never been professionally cleaned. When a car interior has never been detailed, it’s amazing how quickly dirt, dust and debris can build up in hard to reach crevices and areas inside the vehicle. When it’s time to sell the vehicle, just removing the garbage and junk doesn’t do much, and the interior shows it’s age and wear. This will in turn make it a little more difficult to sell and probably leave a little bit of money on the table instead of in your pocket.

What About The Outside Of My Vehicle?

Sure, a professional car detail can keep the interior pretty close to brand new. Having the exterior of your vehicle detailed will just as impactful in the long run. While a lot of people never really clean the interior of their vehicle, most people do wash the outside of their car on at least a semi regular basis. Whether at a car wash, in the driveway or driving through a touchless automatic carwash, most vehicles have been cleaned and look clean. At least clean enough that it wouldn’t affect the resale, right? Wrong. Well most cars, trucks and SUVS get cleaned their outside washed enough to look presentable, it’s hard to believe the deep clean and level of luster and shine a hand washed, exterior car detail from Royal Customs in Stratford can provide. We’re able to remove layers of grime that only careful attention to detail by professional hands could ever get rid of. Often, customers are truly amazed by how incredible their rims and tires look after a professional auto detail. Rims are cleaned and polished by hand and tires are dressed for a lasting wet/black look.



Easy To Keep It Clean

One of the best things about getting your car, truck or SUV detailed is how quick and easy it is to maintain. After a deep clean, you’ll be able to quickly throw out any obvious garbage, and if you want, go over the carpets with a quick vacuum at a carwash once and a while. This will truly be enough to keep the interior of your vehicle looking like it just was detailed, even if it’s been months since you had it done.

The same goes for the outside of your vehicle. After a professional auto detail, you’ll notice that if you want to wash your car, truck or SUV at a DIY car wash, it’ll be unbelievable easy. Because having your vehicle detailed means a deep clean and an application of quality wax or sealant depending on the auto detail package you choose, you’ll notice road debris and dirt easily blasts away and the water quickly beads on the surface of the vehicle’s paint and dissipates. You’re vehicle will dry quicker with less hard water spots as well.

So, Is Auto Detailing Worth it?

If you’re wondering if auto detailing is worth it, hopefully we’ve shed some light on the real world difference a professional car detail makes. From maintaining or even increasing resale value to making your life way easier when you want to clean your vehicle yourself, we hope you can see the benefits of auto detailing. If you’re looking for car detailing in Stratford, Ontario Royal Customs is a great shop with a very solid reputation. Located at 266 Huron St, Stratford, Ontario we are the premier choice for auto detailing in the area.

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